The Creeping
Full Credits

Full Credits


(In Order of Appearance)

Young Anna

Harry Reynolds

Anna Reynolds

Karen Marro

Lucy Blakely

William Blakeley

Young Lucy

Reverend Joseph


Taliyah Blair

Jonathan Nyati

Riann Steele-

Sophie Thompson

Jane Lowe

Peter Macqueen

Phillipa Peak

David Horovitch

Denise Horan

Pauline Hooper

Peter Hooper

Dorothy Miles

Peter Miles

Ed Saunders

Angie Joy

Bridget Turner

Lyn Hewlett

Leon Ancliffe

Dallas Pounds

George Oakes

Yvie De Ronne

Freddie De Ronne

Theoni Greenwood

Chris Greenwood


Written & Directed by

Story by

Produced by

Executive Producer




Sound Designer

Casting Director

Costume Designer

Hair & Makeup Designer

First Assistant Camera

Second Assistant Camera


Best Boy

Sound Recordist

Re-Recording Mixer

Sound Editor


Visual Effects

Makeup Artist

Makeup Trainee

Fight Choreographer

Script Consultant

Stills Photographers


Child Chaperone

Local Fixers

Gardens Team




Cars provided by


Catering by


Accommodation provided by


Special Thanks

Jamie Hooper

Jamie Hooper & Helen Miles

Jamie Hooper & Helen Miles

Amanda Atkins

Ben Hecking

Jamie Hooper

Stephanie Taylor

Helen Miles

Annie Rowe

Kara Colbeck

Katie King

Davide Scalenghe Migliarini

Max Cutting

Damien Gray

Callum Begley

Bernard Herrlurn

Helen Miles

Ali Murray

Megan Lee

Jamie Hooper

Elouise Abbott

Leianne Baxter

Peter MacQueen

Becky Brynolf

George Oakes

Rob Williams

Aurelia Blair

Peter Miles

Dorothy Miles

Bridget Turner

Lyn Hewlett

Sue Lake

Ken Newman

Peter Oakes

Richard Oakes

Angela Joy & Tom Dawson at Angie’s Village Shop and Tea Room

The Duke of York, Shepton Beauchamp

Chris Cole

Peter & Dorothy Miles

Rob & Jane Williams

Rev. Geoff Wade & St Michael’s Church

The residents of Shepton Beauchamp

Ed Saunders

Leon Ancliffe

Steve Thunderbolt Lightfoot

Barry & Reggie

The Producers wish to thank our family and friends

for their invaluable support during the making of this film.


“Always Waiting For You”

Lyrics by

Music written by

Arranged by

Vocals & Double Bass

Clarinet & Saxophones


Jamie Hooper & Jessica Rowe

Stephanie Taylor & Charlie Pyne

Charlie Pyne

Charlie Pyne

Luke Pinkstone

Emily Linden

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All characters and events depicted in this film are fictitious.

Any similarity to real persons, living, dead, or supernatural, is purely coincidence.